Like Clockwork
21” x 29”
Woodblock on Shiramine

Like Clockwork is a laser-cut woodblock print featuring a stream-of-consciousness text written concurrent to the creation of September 22, 2021 (Autumnal Equinox), which was the second iteration of my all-day cyanotype performance-production. During the one-to-two-minutes periods of rest afforded during cyanotype exposures (when not busy developing the previously-made prints), I transcribed my thoughts, numbering these writings in correspondence with the print I was exposing at the time. I employ repetition, metaphor, and breaks in pacing to approximate through language the feeling of accumulation (of time, prints, increasingly blue waste water) I experienced throughout the day. Dream-like images that flicker quickly forward then back on themselves, then back to the color blue, suggest a space-time continuum unlimited by the confines of the garden in which the project took place.

Performance, performance score, text, prints: Serena Caffrey