In their work as a somatic consent educator, Serena supports artists to overcome destructive patterns of overworking, self-sabotage, and sensory overload to build a creative practice rooted in sacred self-limits that honor intuitive wisdom and support whole-person wellness. Using movement, breathwork, and sensory meditation to strategies for self-understanding and personal meaning making, Serena collaborates with clients in one-on-one consultation and group workshops to create havens of time within which to experience self-connection, felt belonging to Earth, and radical surrender.

Additionally, Serena serves as a grant writer and organizational consultant to arts organizations, helping them better articulate and advocate for their creative purpose and operating needs, as well as reaccess creative flow by building a consent-based work culture that uplifts the dignity and agency of all actors.

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You can listen to Serena about the intersections of endurance and creativity on Share the Load Podcast here.