Serena Caffrey is a multi-disciplinary artist who works across media to investigate the mundane and sublime energies that coexist in simple gestures. Her recent land-based endurance performances structure themselves around planetary and other natural cycles, living beyond their original enactment through documentation in photography, moving image film, printmaking, and prose. Contributors to these projects include the artists Gilles O’Kane, Antonin Fajt, Hugh Hopkins, Rose Carr, and Asya Dubrovina.

Caffrey received her BA in Studio Arts from Bard College where her thesis performance, The Anxiety of Being Wrong, gained numerous honors including the John Bard Prize in the arts. She has been an artist in residence at ArtFarm Nebraska and the Olana State Historic Site in Hudson, NY, as well as a work-study fellow at Penland School of Crafts. Her visual work has been exhibited internationally in Milan and Kyoto, and her performances have been shown at the Gowanus Ballroom in Brooklyn, The Mortuary Los Angeles, and The Bootleg Theatre. Caffrey has also appeared in productions by Redwing Blackbird Theatre; Roxanne Steinberg, Oguri, and Carmine Escobar; Lucie Vitková; and Cody Putman. She writes for and about artists, including the recently published monograph on Erin Morrison (The Contemporary Art Digest, 2019). Caffrey has assisted a variety of artist’s studios including those of Judy Pfaff and Mark Grotjahn. Currently based in Los Angeles, she also performs musically with Borey Shin under the name Borey & Essyre.