September 22, 2021 (Autumnal Equinox)
12” x 12"
Cyanotype on Shiramine

September 22, 2021 (Autumnal Equinox) is a series of 93 cyanotypes made by exposing 12” x 12” sheets of paper coated with a light sensitive emulsion, each for (approximately) seven minutes from dawn to dusk on the autumnal equinox of 2021. The prints photographically render the shifting shadows of the flowering hibiscus, jasmine, and bougainvillea under which they were made as the sun arced from east to west throughout the day. Fastidiously timed, the daylong endurance-performance-meets-artistic-production almost immediately fell behind schedule as I necessarily paused to attend to my basic bodily functions. I performed this score for the first time on the summer solstice of 2021, to commemorate the one-year anniversary of first iteration of New Moon Solstice Flower. September 22, 2021 (Autumnal Equinox) marks the continuation of the project into a larger series that will continue every equinox and solstice with the same choreographic structure.

Performance, performance score, cyanotypes: Serena Caffrey seems unlikely now this will have any bearing on the day, anyway_ To-day_ On-to-day_ Day-to-know_ To-date_ To-die_ To-do_ I-do_ .jpg elsewhere your— .jpg the blue disappears in you, and I don’t know what causes it—perhaps I’ve left you in the water too long, or that now the sun bleaches you____.jpg