All That Rises
1 hour 40 minutes; Lenape lands, Gowanus Ballroom, Brooklyn, NY
Performance; 35mm, 16mm

Carrying forty pounds of rice in a red blanket, I climbed up a twenty-five foot ladder in the dark. Placing the bundle on the top of the ladder, a light came on as the blanket unfolded and the rice went cascading down. When I reached the floor, I used my hands and entire body to sweep the rice into a pile, then back into the open blanket, which took approximately twenty minutes. I repeated this process five times, until the lights went off, for a total performance duration of one hour twenty minutes. This is the second version of three performance iterations.

Performance, performance score: Serena Caffrey
Director of photography: Hugh Hopkins
Musical score: Essyre (a songwriting project by Serena Caffrey)
Materials: Aluminum ladder, red blanket, 40 lb of rice, black bodysuit